Thursday, July 19, 2018

Now United's music breaks boundaries, creates new sounds

The Global pop group Now United which members hail from different countries, including Bailey May of Philippines, is here in Manila. This is the chance for Filipino audience, especially their fans, to witness the band’s musical magic live. Now United (NU) is formed by Simon Fuller, the man behind the creation of American Idol and manager of renowned stars such as Spice Girls.      

The vibrant music group is composed of Josh Beauchamp (Canada), 18; Noah Urrea, 17 (United States); Joalin Loukamaa, 16 (Finland); Any Gabrielly, 15 (Brazil); Sina Deinert, 19 (Germany); Sabina Hidalgo, 18 (Mexico); Diarra Sylla, 17 (Senegal); Heyoon Jeong, 22 (South Korea); Hina Yoshihara, 16 (Japan); Krystian Wang, 18 (China); Lamar Morris, 18 (United Kingdom); Shivani Paliwal, 16 (India); and Sofya Plotnikova, 15 ( Russia).  NU will perform in the following venues this weekend:

July 20, (today, Friday) 7pm at Lucky Chinatown, Atrium;
July 21 (Saturday), 6pm at Eastwood Central Plaza
July 22 (Sunday), 6pm at Venice   Piazza in Grand Mall

Now United Manila is presented by FRONTROW and Wilbros Live

Face to Face with Now United

Before meeting them at the  media conference, what I am thinking was these youngsters are bonded because of their arts and dreams. In the Q and A portion proper, I realized that Now United members’ journey is actually more than pursuing their dreams.

Any Gabrielly said that their group was formed through scouting in different countries (online and offline). Those selected were invited to stay in a boot camp for days  and from there the Now United members emerged.

But of course these members are not only talented performers, they’re basically young individuals with diverse personalities.  Thus it’s also interesting to know, how they conquer their differences. According to Noah Urrea, being with his group actually an outlet to have more friends and learn cultures. 

              That made me think, what they’re doing what is a great life adventure.  Imagine that they’re touring and discovering the world while doing what they love together.

It’s also like playing a keyboard while listening to Now United members. They all interesting to tap because they’re enthusiastic to impart their own perspectives.  For example, one of the questions they gamely answer was (something like) “what food from you country do you like us to offer?”   

  • Josh Beauchamp is amazed that the Canadian food he mentioned is also available or known to other countries.   
  • Sabina Hidalgo, on the other hand, feels proud that tacos straight from Mexico is still the real and best tacos.   
  • Joalin Loukamaa mentioned a candy from Finland that some of her group mates react hmmm (just watch video below hehehe).

Music of Now United

It’s fun for me to learn foreign songs with beautiful sounds and captivating voices even if I don’t understand the lyrics/ messages at all. I believe music influences listeners in mysterious ways wherever and whoever they are.  Gangnam Style, Macarena, Sukiyaki, and Anak are just few proofs of that idea.  

With Now United, it’s exciting to see what they can produce.  Each of the member has something to contribute and together they like an empowered group. In fact, the group is now preparing for the launch with seasoned artists such as choreographers WildaBeast and Kyle Hanagami, and Red One, a Grammy winning record producer and songwriter.

Heyoon Jeong and Krystian Wang shared that they are all fond of listening different sounds and they like to create new ones.  As for Loukamaa, they like to spread love and messages and not to point differences.

Here are the other Now United (in Manila) thoughts about their music, their group, and other things ( magpapa-publish pa ako ng videos so for more updates, please subscribe to Hitokirihoshi's Channel

Ang Pagka-Pinoy ni Bailey

Now United really interact with their fans?

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

15 Young Male stars with Potential to be Finest Actors in Showbizlandia

With the popularity of reality shows and online platforms, it’s easier now to become a celebrity. However you should have certain qualities if you intend to sustain and to have own mark in showbiz. For me, acting skill/ talent is a lucrative asset that any movie/ TV stars should possess.  Acting can be innate talent or a skill that you can develop through the years. I’m sure award-winning actors like Christopher De Leon, Joel Torre, Piolo Pascual, Dennis Trillo, Jericho Rosales, Coco Martin, and John Lloyd Cruz also went through hard times before they become best.   So who among young actors, below 30 years old, have so much potential for you?  Below are the ones (arranged according to age by batch) I see with much potential in acting SO FAR:

Alden Richards, 26

Someone is comparing him to John Lloyd Cruz and since I watched numerous films of the latter hmmm...
                I think somehow in gestures(gentleness) and  fashion statement, but in terms of total package he has something else to offer. I watched him before AlDub become phenomenal and I could say he’s good in Alakdana, Carmella, and Mundo Mo’y Akin.   Furthermore, he already won best actor trophy for his portrayal in Ilustrado.

He’s also good in hosting so puwede kaya ‘yong talk show na ala The Penthouse Live na sila ni Maine Mendoza ang hosts? 

As for the acting side, I think he should be braver in taking more challenging roles not only in the small screen, but also in the big screen.   He should while he has this popularity and legion of fans to support no matter what.   I hope he tries to explore doing indie film (Cinemalaya entry) or under different movie outfits if GMA Films can't produce yet. Spring Films (he’s a friend of Bb. Joyce Bernal 'di ba?), Reality Entertainment (Erik Matti), and IdeaFirst Company (Jun Lana) are good indie film company with good connections and impressive films.

Trivia: Piolo Pascual is a grandslam actor (the last one who did it aside from then child actor Jiro Manio) at 26 after. That's because of  his impressive job in the 2003 film Dekada ’70.

Ken Chan, 25

I am fond of actors who are ready to accept super challenging roles and do the best that they can to deliver stunning performance.  Destiny Rose definitely introduced me to Ken Chan. This handsome good looking guy suffered wearing high heels, dresses, heavy make-ups, and more to satisfy his audience.  Kahit ako na babae, hirap sa mga ganyan mga damit huh! As for acting, he's absolutely very good.

I also watched Meant To Be a couple of times out of curiosity and because of him. I wanted to know if Ken can convince me that he’s not the actor in Destiny Rose. As Yuan Cruz Lee, definitely Ken proved he can be a different person for every role he portrays. Keep it up Ken!  I think it’s now how you gonna improve your craft and the kinds of project your management will give to you.  

I think bagay sa kanya ang agent/assasin like sa Bourne Supremacy and Alias as he can and able to transform.

Daniel Padilla, 23

Sure Daniel Padilla is a very popular young actor today. He has strings of successful projects with or without his perennial love team partner Kathryn Bernardo (They’re known KathNiel) since 2011.  But besides of his face, popular love team, and fandom – I think his best edge among his contemporaries is his acting prowess.  

Actually if you talk to me before 2014 and I surely will not bother to know him.  My perspective only changed after I watched She’s Dating The Gangster (here’s my movie review). I’m supposed to just watch it because it’s a feel good film, but he impressed me not only in “pakilig moments”, but ultimately in drama scenes. It also made me realize “he’s not the nephew of Robin Padilla, he’s the young actor Daniel Padilla.”

                In Barcelona: A Love Untold (here’s my review), I confirmed what I noticed in She’s Dating… that’s why I’m not surprised that he bagged best actor awards from FAMAS and PMPC Star Awards for Movies.  I hope that he continues to do dramas than action

Trivia:  When he’s 23 years old, Dennis Trillo was an almost grandslam actor thanks to his effective portrayal of cross-dressing spy in Aishite Imasu 1941: Mahal Kita

Joshua Garcia, 21

Joshua is another young actor being compared to John Lloyd Cruz. Actually that issue triggered me to know him a little bit and my niece who is a fan of JoshLia (Joshua and Julia Barretto love team). But something changed when I saw him in Barcelona:  A Love Untold. Yes, you see a little bit of JLC aura in him, but he has own brand of dramedy acting.  As I mentioned in my reviews of Barcelona and Vince and Kath and James, he has depth and maloko side. His portrayal in both films were fantastic and I couldn’t think of any actor who can do the same attack that entertains me.  JLC again in My Amnesia Girl? No, he’s sort of persuasive there, not an entertaining mischievous lad.

I also watched of The Good Son, which for me was a best platform to uplift his star power (as well as Nash Aguas, Jerome Ponce, and Mccoy De Leon). But I don’t know why, I’m noticed more the flow of the story and characters/ portrayals of Nash and Mccoy than his acting. Perhaps because of the characterization.   

I have no other suggestions for Joshua I want him to us with his next acting pieces.  I just want commend him and Julia for doing cool projects solo or together.  

Ruru Madrid 20

For his age, his built suits for a hunk actor image and yet, he’s doing roles that fit for wholesome leading man. This is actually a unique “brand” already that his management can play around and can use to boost his star.  Being a hunk with talent in acting and sweet image allows actor like Jericho Rosales to accept a variety of roles. Even Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis have this edge – being known seksi but with friendly and sweet image.        

I saw him in the Let the Love Begin (OMG my 3-year old nephew knew the song because of the series), Naku, Boss Ko, and Encantadia.  Based on these three projects, he can be versatile and deliver different acting if you ask him to do it.  I see his chemistry with Gabbi Garcia as well as with Kylie Padilla.  For now, I think it’s a nice move that he concentrates on actions and be paired with Kylie. This is not only because of their success in Encantadia, but because of the challenge to do action/ thriller or far from mere drama. Anyway, para saan ang muscles if he will not going to flex it on screen?  

I hope he tries edgier roles like a serial killer, a criminal, or psychopath. Let him run without special effects that makes him a silent hero without superpower.  Let him do projects with feels indie (use of indie directors), but produced by mainstream outfits. If I am his manager and Alden, iibahin ko ang mga roles na i-accept ko para sa kanila lalo na magkasabay.  

Sundan ang Part II