Monday, November 7, 2016

5 Reasons of Kim Chiu’s staying power

A lot of young stars come and go before and after Kim Chiu emerged as the first winner of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. Yes, in beauty and talent she’s comparable to other actresses. But why she manages to stay in the business for more than a decade already? Here are the five possible reasons why Chinita Princess has bright staying power.

1.       Meaty projects that mostly hit and successful - In showbiz there are different measures to gauge an artist’s star factor.  It could be about number of awards, legion of fans, top rating shows, and hit movies. (So please don’t understatement actors in flop, but internationally-acclaimed independent movies). Judging from her Instagram posts alone, Kim gets awards every now and then from various award-giving bodies. Maybe she still not recognized by reputable institutions such as Urian, Luna Awards, and others. But for me, receiving awards from GMMSF (Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation Box-Office Entertainment Awards) several times is something.  

Besides the figures,  I personally believe she’s a lucky girl to do meaty projects such as Sana Maulit Muli (out-of-the-box storyline),  My Binondo Girl (dramedy), Ina Kapatd Anak, Ikaw Lamang (with Coco Martin), and Story of Us. Of all, Ikaw Lamang was the only one I finished to watch.  In movies, I was able to saw her Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo, Bride for Rent, Etiquette for the Mistresses, and All You Need is Pag-ibig. The latter was less successful, but  has meaningful story and featured KimXi’s versatility.  For now, it’s my wish that Dir. Paul Soriano produces an indie film starring Kim Chiu like what he did with Enrique Gil (Dukot), Maja Salvador (Thelma), and Buboy Villar (Kid Kulafu).

PR Photo for My Binondo Girl  

2.       Good Working Attitude – They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity.  I disagree.  Bad publicity crashes positive appeals of numerous TV and Movie personalities. However, there are solutions for that: one is "massive damage control" of the talent manager and secondly, defenses of co-workers. In fact, many great actors are gone now in the limelight because of the negative attitudes that eventually kill their careers.  Based on what I read about Kim, her co-actors praise her professionalism and thirst for learning. She’s humble and yet, willing to take risks and adapt to different stuff. If you ask me good working attitude is one of the great ingredients of career longevity, not the superb talent alone.

3.       Social media presence - Kim is one of the local celebrities who’s active on social media.  Though this can break or hurt, but being reachable online also boost her exposure.  Fans don’t have to wait for the next news (negative or positive) just to know her latest gigs.  In a seminar about digital marketing, I found out that advertisers also rate their endorsers according to numbers and kinds of posts of their endorsers. Of course followers and number of shares also count in the metrics.

Kimerald  (PR photo for Shake Rattle and Roll 10) 

4.       A Barbie doll - The young actress from Cebu was named Chinese Cutie in PBB and in 2010, Yes Magazine recognized her as the number one among 100 Most Beautiful Stars.  Besides her physical features (if I am correct only her and Heart Evangelista who are known Chinita beauties), Kim is also popular for her fashion sense.   She’s always someone to watch for in Star Magic Ball, Bench Fashion Show, and other similar events. Besides these, I learned in an episode of Kris TV before that she’s co-owner of a fashion boutique with designers – businessmen such as Pepsi Herrera.

5.       Room for improvement –   To date, Kim is into acting, dancing, singing, and hosting. Despite of those variety and awards, some people still  commenting on her talents. I agree.  Actually it’s not something negative, but like a “click button” that you want to see her more to see what more she can offer.  She’s easy to deal with, doable, and relatable knowing she’s a work in progress.  It’s unlike with a totally talented artist who’s because already known for his or her talent,  nawawala ang X factor.   Parang if he or she wins, okay and if not, sige maiba naman. On the other hand, there are stars who are counting years na in showbiz but still no improvement.   So I guess,  being underdog and underrated have charms also. 

Note:  I am aware of the other issues about Kim and I am not saying she's very good or perfect. I am just sharing my sentiment about her staying power :)  

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