Monday, December 12, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch 2016 MMFF

Oh boy the Metro Manila Film Festival never fails to gather controversies. This year it’s about (labelled) independent outscoring mainstream movie filmmakers. Incidentally, there’s also no particular one intended for kids.  Despite of these, there many reasons to watch and support the 8 selected entries of 2016 MMFF movies.

It’s the change that will benefit the Philippine film industry!

I, myself, like to watch feel good movies especially romantic and family oriented comedies.  It’s natural because every day we’re exhausted of daily works. We all need breather from serious matters, right? However watching films is not only pang-aliw, it also offer many benefits both for moviegoers and filmmakers. It's not just a guilty pleasure, but  an investment if a movie provokes you to think and do something better in your life. 

Let me explain futher the possible implications of changes in 2016 MMFF: 

1.       Variety is very good - In investing diversification and black swan are reasonable steps to secure profit. It’s because if one investment (company) doesn’t perform well, the other investments will cover your losses.  In the film industry, not all moviegoers are into popularity of artists or rom-com. That’s why if they want to watch drama, horror, fantasy, animated or others they most likely go for Hollywood movies. In 2016 MMFF entries it’s not about limitation and division, instead about variety.  We can still produce romantic story naman pero puwedeng animated, horror, action or suspense thriller.  Kaya naman curios akong mapanood ang Saving Sally because its unique features (animation with real actors). Nalala ko tuloy ang RPG Metanoia na kasama sa 2010 MMFF.

2.        We encourage local actors to become world-class talents.  IMHO, TV and Movie Personalities who don’t hone their skills because they’re popular anyway should not be called talents and actors. But of course, how come others will strive to improve their talents if they don’t have outlets to showcase their efforts anyway?

Sorry to tell but it seems “arts” now are only defined greatly by idolism, fanaticism, and commercialism. Eh may lumalaki ang ulo at nagiging complacent sa ganyan.  This is also why I commended actors na tsina-challenge ang sarili like Enrique Gil in Paul Soriano's Dukot . They tried to do something else na beyond sa comfort zone ni Quen.

3.       A number of producers/filmmakers/ movie companies will grow and create jobs.  When I was a kid, I didn’t mind film credits before or after a movie. What important was if the story had beautiful story or not.  Puwedeng dagdag factor if I know the actors and IMHO, ganun pa rin naman ang mga bata.  They don’t bother if it’s Studio Ghibli, Pixar, Warner Brothers, or Walt Disney behind a movie basta okay at saka nila magiging favorite ang film after manood.   Ilan na nga lang ba ang alam nating production company ngayon? Isa pa naman sa magandang outfit noon ang di ko alam kung gumawa pa ang Unitel Pictures na gumawa ng Crying Ladies ( 2003 MMFF), Santa Santita, at  La Visa Loca etc.)


4.       To end the division between independent and mainstream – I don’t deny that I have also something with independent films.  I tend to expect less in the cinematography and other technicalities (alam mo yung akala mo docu lang ng reality show yung kuha). However, I expect more when it comes to acting, story, and direction.  It’s like there’s certain ambiance that independent filmmakers can do that either a limitation or artistic feel.  Eh hello, a film is more sensible and worthy if it has beautiful story and superb actors, than mere cool effects.
 If 2016 MMFF can break the wall between mainstream and indie film especially in the eyes of the audience, then
·         Most likely small players will earn more and upgrade their film equipment. 
·         No discrimination, but equal treatments and opportunities not only for the filmmakers, but also actors
·         More films to watch

5.       Do you know what happen if only few run an industry? Monopoly and mediocrity!  If the big players become greedy they tend to do power tripping, exploitation, dictators of what or what not whether that those are good or bad, and condition the audience that their mediocre products is their only choice.

Pipila ka ba sa sinehan para makapanood lang ng kung anong available na movie o manonood ka kasi maganda ang palabas?

Note:  This is post is not a rant or against the mainstream, it’s just a sentiment and plea to my fellow audience.