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Reminiscing Pinoy Band waves and discovering new Juans part 1

 90s brought groups such as Rivermaya, Parokya ni Edgar, After Image, Alamid, Yano, True Faith, Slapshock, South Border, and Eraserheads. In the early to mid-2000s there’s new band trend which pave way to groups such as Hale, Kamikazee, Sugarfree, Spongecola, Session Road, Calla Lily, Cueshe, Itchy Worms, and many more. And then the wave fades out again after another music trend came. 

Forgive me if I can’t go back beyond 90s because the core of this post is my memories and knowledge, not an intensive research.  Ayoko rin i-touch ang hindi ko gaano alam at naabutan baka mapahiya ako. Although I can say I do have favorite songs from 70s bands like Juan dela Cruz band, VST and Co, and Asin. As well songs from music group   from 80s such as Introboys, The Dawn, and Side A. I think the good thing about having 9 older siblings gives me wide and diverse music influence J

 90s Pinoy Music Bands are 

·         It’s rare that they have cover songs – I am not saying   that doing covers is bad. It just that it’s refreshing to have your own trademark songs and   additional contribution to music industry. Yes there are advantages in reviving like bringing back classic hits for the new generation of listeners.   On the other side, it’s easy rin for the listeners to recognize a band because of their own brand of music if they do originals.  For example is MYMP – I commend Juris Fernandez’s voice and they gave nice versions of classic songs. But I think people admire them because of their “acoustic” feel and image.
(L-R) Raimund  Marasigan (Eraserheads/Sandwich/Pedicab) , Ebe Dancel ( SugarFree), Gabby Alipe (Urbandub) with Mr. Ryan Cayabyab  

What are the advantages of hit original songs?

a. continuous  income stream because of royalty -   making cover songs can make someone platinum artist and give him/ her revenues for certain period of time.  On the other side, when you are the one making original songs as long as someone uses it for commercial purposes like revival, for TV/ movie theme songs, and even for videos on Youtube – you get royalty (kita). That’s a lifetime income, and artists who can attest to this are Freddie Aguilar, Odette Quesada, Rey Valera, and Jose Mari Chan.  Jose Mari Chan, by the way, is the only Filipino artist who have Double Diamond Record for one album (Yes for Christmas in Our Hearts) alone  ( his Constant Change album is also received Diamond Record or 10 Platinum records) and that happened even before the adjustment in counting of sold albums.

b. continuous credit: legacy lives on –  if we go in the comics side, Mars Ravelo and   Carlo J. Caparas are the kings. Patay na ang comics industry in the Philippines, but their classic characters live on as there always new adaptions coming out be on TV and movie (i.e. Darna, Captain Barbell, Pedro Penduko, Dyesebel, Zuma, and Panday). This is also applicable to music artists, whether they go hiatus or say bye-bye in the world for good ay nandyan pa rin sila. Example- “Your Love”, which Juris sang for Dolce Amore, is an original of Alamid. Alamid vocalist Gary Ignacio passed away in 2015.   And kahit alam natin na superb singers sina Gary V, Sarah Geronimo, at kung sino when they sing “Anak,” still the credit for the song is belong to ka Freddie. Gets?

          c. Recognition beyond trend – As the showbiz history tells, new trends always change the game and filters out those who came due to popularity only.  In my opinion, majority ng naiiwan sa showbiz and music scenes are those who have real talents, willing to evolve (i.e. Madonna/ Sarah G.), and nailed their marks already. Look how many times Bamboo Manalac and Eli Buendia join bands? Their groups may come and go, but why they still here?

Their originals songs focus on being catchy, relatable and easy to learn.   I still can remember when my kuyas (and their friends) played guitars while using song hits (a magazine-type material that contains lyrics with guitar tabs). Ang maganda they could even sing those even if they didn’t know yet  talaga yung kanta because those had uncomplicated din ang beats, words, rhyme, and it's doable to hit the notes.  Magaling sa ganito ang Eraserheads, Parokya ni Edgar, True Faith at Yano.   Biruin nakagawa ng kanta about pagtambay sa SM (Esem) at Tsinelas?

o   90s bands shows their individual prowess and style – I don’t know if they really made it big during their heyday, but  ever since my  kuya Lhon introduced  Rockstar’s songs Parting Time to me gusto ko na talaga.  Superb yung guitars just like the keyboard in “214” ng Rivermaya  at saxophone in Kahit kailan of South Border.

I can’t remember na someone named a band na “The Philippine version of ___.“ I don’t think there were rivalries among the bands or even sa kanilang fans. Oh well mabuti rin siguro bata pa ako noon :P

                My theory of what pushed aside the band trend in 90s was the novelty songs and yes, the entrance of massive piracy. That time naman people listen to radio or cassette type when 2000 enters ayan na ang CDs.

Part 2 band wave in 2000s

Part 3 discovering The Juans

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