Hi  I'm Hoshi Laurence, also the online publisher behind hoshilandia.com and  The Hitokirihosi Channel. I created this blog specifically for one of my favorite interests Entertainment (especially MOVIES ).  You may invite me for media/ blog conference, film screening, concerts, and other events-  just email me at


or send me private messages through my social media accounts ( @hitokirihoshi)

Facebook: hitokirihoshi laurenceTwitter: @hitokirihoshi  

My missions for In the Entertainment Zone are the following:

  • to help my fellow audience to discover and learn shows, films, and songs. 
  •  to  get to know artists minus the intrigues and gossips.  I believe it's about time to point out what the artistic and entertaining parts that celebrities can  offer, and not their private lives. I may touch some personal information, but it's not my intention to create gossips and intrigues.
  • to recognize the values we can get  from shows, films, and songs 
  • Languages: Materials that I think generally only matter for my Fellow Filipinos are posts written in Filipino, while Foreign shows and movies that appeal for both Filipinos and foreigners are posts written in English.     
  • Inquiries

You can reach me through:

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