Wednesday, August 23, 2017

5 Reasons Why I’m rooting for MayMay Entrata’s success in showbiz

Due to power of social media and new generation of fans, showbiz careers of today’s young stars face more challenges. I believe they experience much pressure than their counterparts before, particularly in   “bashing” and fake news.”  In fact, it’s not only the gossip writers or their rivals who do it but any netizen.  This is why I’m rooting for Maymay Entrata’s, the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Lucky Season 7 winner, success in showbiz industry. Here are my 5 strong reasons:

Note: I would like to clarify that this post doesn’t pertain nor intend to harm anyone else. I’ts not in my nature to bring someone down to lift the other. These are just my  opinions about Maymay, issues on young adults and culture on social media. Thank you!
Credit: Instagram/ @maymay_entrata0506

1. Rise up extra-ordinary Probinsyanas!

I don’t bite contestants who use their poverty to shine especially in a talent search (show me your talent po!). But I believe that there are ordinary Filipinos all over the Philippines who are more interesting/ inspiring to feature than what we usually see on TV. 

As for Maymay, she also represents ordinary girls from Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin, and Davao or Mindanao. In fact, I don’t know much about CDO before except it’s also a place where Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach was born and it’s one of the fastest rising business districts outside Metro Manila.   Meantime, what I only know in Camiguin is its sunken cemetery (because of an old movie Ikaw Lang Mamahalin Camiguin starring Gelli de Belen).  

I know that not all people from Camiguin, CDO, or Davao are as wacky, as fanatic, or as slim as Marydale Entrata is. But she’s a sample of ordinary girls from Mindanao. Are they friendly or hospitable? Do they like entertainment or workaholic?  There are maybe more interesting than the PBB 7 winner, but her triumph can inspire ordinary probinsyana girls to keep on dreaming and don’t mind the boundaries or conformists. In fact, it’s high time to embrace where we from and flaunt what we’ve got.  If Maymay Entrata can, we can do it too!

In the report of Abante Online, Maymay had a courtesy call in the senate on March 15. Senate President Koko Pimentel commended that the 20-year old Reality Show winner is an inspiration to many.
The courtesy call  (Credit: Instagram/ @maymay_entrata0506)

2. Filipina Feature is Filipina Beauty! 

I’m sad than some bashers call her ungoy (monkey), undin (I don’t know where this term come from except from a movie of Regal starring Manilyn Reynes), or ugly.  I feel sad for those who have similar features with Maymay na majority of Filipinos! So if you’re pango (doesn’t have pointed nose) and maitim (tan or dark skin), you’re already ugly? You have no right to enter showbiz? And if you find a person so pango and maitim, you have the right to ridicule him/ her?  Ridiculous! Are you insulting your ancestors and your Filipino blood ( tell me any instances in Philippine history na mestiza na bago pa dumating ang mga Espanyol)? We can’t accept if foreigners call us brown monkey, but it’s okay if we do it with our fellow Filipinos?

 I understand that each of us has own idea of beauty, but if you INSULT/ BASH someone (kahit hindi pa si Maymay) because you only find her not pretty isn’t that make you the real ugly? It tells also something about your culture (background, mindset, struggle, and aspiration). If you spend too much of your time bashing..  
  • siguro kumikita ka man lang bilang  Troll / 
  • you have dark side
  • or  worst wasting your energy/time . (Please join  networking kikita ka pa) :P

I believe Maymay’s physical features is extra-ordinary, head turner, and a sample of pure Filipina beauty.  IMHO, she’s also a ramp model material and it’s nonsense to bash her look because

 conversation with Mccoy De Leon
 conversation with Jinri
… Maymay wows magazine editors and if you’re not a beauty expert anyway. 

3.  We need talented celebrities with good personalities

 In connection to item number 2, I find those who judge actors (based only on their physical features) don’t really appreciate real art and entertainment. 

IMHO in showbiz- beauty and popularity fade, but not those talented with good attitude.  You can only enjoy popularity 1-5 years, but if you don’t prove your worth as an actor - bye! At the end of the day, the management and the network need to keep their business running by removing those who don't add value on their sales and reputation.

I am not saying that Maymay is best in acting, has the finest voice, and a dancing queen. She needs more workshops or training to hone her skills. The important thing here, she has potentials (I like her unique voice quality and dance move) and it seems that she has good working attitude. If you’re willing to learn and adapt for good reasons, cool - I guess that’s the secret to enjoy long successful  showbiz career.

Sabi nga raw ni Charles Darwin ayon sa tsika ni Leon C. Megginson:  
“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change."

Great Example? Madonna!

And fans should be careful whoever they choose to support, admire, and consider heroes. Because their heroes gonna play vital roles  of who they are right now, and who they will be in the future.

“We need heroes because they help define the limits of our aspirations. We largely define our ideals by the heroes we choose, and our ideals—things like courage, honor, and justice – largely define us.  Our heroes are symbols for us of all the qualities we would like to possess and all the ambitions we would like to satisfy.” – U.P. Professor Felipe M. De Leon (Agung XIX No. 4).  

4. It’s time to take a Funny girl seriously
In the two leading TV networks or any movie outfits, I don’t know any young female who is popularly known for being natural funny or comedienne. Yes, a good actor can be funny too given the good motivation and script (Hi John Lloyd Cruz, Maja Salvador, Toni Gonzaga, and Eugene Domingo!).  I think being wacky/ funny is one of the edge of Maymay to stand out among her contemporaries.  Given the right materials, she can even change the image of usual comedy in the Philippines which is more slapstick and mocking.   Want to know how? Watch Ang Babae sa Septic Tank, It Started with A Kiss (Ariel Lin), and Successful Story of Bright Girl/ My Love Patzzi (Jang Nara). I like character driven story!

As for her love team, Edward Barber, he’s a good leading man for her. Opposite attracts and differences make each one of them stand out?  Serious guy meets funny girl!   May I add that showbiz also need a young serious action female star today after Angel Locsin. I hope Kylie Padilla goes back to her root, and Liza Soberano pulls off her Darna stint. By the way, I am also watching La Luna Sangre - Kathry Bernardo is doing well.

Isa ito sa nadale ako sa acting prowess ni Marydale since these are all impromptu

5.  You see yourself in her – be as a best friend/ daughter/ granddaughter/ fan/

In my observation, Maymay garners fans in different part of the globe (especially OFWs) not only because she’s amusing. Her fans and other casual viewers can relate to her as…

·         A daughter of an OFW, 
·         a daughter  who grew up without the presence of her biological father (Broken family)
·         a student who do anything to have  education ( applied to scholarship)
·         a  teenager who experience ups and  down of young romances
·         a fan girl who becomes hilarious when she her idols
·         a granddaughter / daughter who just want to have better life for her family
·         a dreamer who just want to sing, dance, act, or join in a contest
·         a sociable/ friendly  girl

And it’s not gonna be hard to believe if ever Maymay will portray similar roles that I mentioned above. She already had experiences so may paghuhugutan.  In truth, it’s distracting to see ultra-beautiful and handsome guys in slum areas or in something gloomy situations.  Especially those appear with “sosyal” tone and “I woke up like this makeup” they may ruin the authenticity of the situation lalo na if sablay ang acting.  As a moviegoer/ cinephile, I admire actors who can imbibe their characters that as if you feel they’re different persons.  Ah I salute method actor or do anything to fit in their roles like Daniel Day Lewis, Christian Bale, John Lloyd Cruz, Kate Winslet, and Renee Zellwegar) .