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7 Reasons why it’s cool to be a Moviegoer

Php 500 is Php 500, you can avail different things like mobile data connection, enjoy a buffet dinner, or pampering spa treatment. For me, that amount is my budget to treat myself for a movie time. Why it’s good and worthwhile to be a moviegoer?

It’s entertaining and liberating -   With or without company, I can watch movies in theaters.  Sometimes, I prefer to watch alone so I have full concentration on what I am watching.  I also feel more independent and geeky whenever I do that.   Yes, I also hear questions like “isa lang Ma’am (only one Ma’am)?” from ticketing officers.  Sometimes I feel shy, but most of the time I don’t care because…

Watching movies is an investment for me.   I do read self-help books and I’m okay to spend money for trainings and seminars. Why not for movies? Not all movies are created only to entertain, some are let us become aware of ourselves, our surroundings, and our society. You may event discover things that only films can offer.  Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s type of films are eccentric and will tickle your wild imagination, but give simple values that people tend forget. I like Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and Sweeney Todd:  The Demon Barber of the Fleet Street. On the other hand, Leonardo diCaprio’s movies are more of mind-boggling and awe-inspiring such as the Wolf of the Wall Street, Inception, Shutter Island, and The Revolutionary Road.

A moviegoer supports the film industry. It’s tempting to buy or download pirated copies. You can save money with that, but you also terminate the jobs of filmmakers, extras, actors, cameramen, scriptwriters, producers, and production assistants.  A dying industry has domino effects in other fields like music, television, employment, arts, and culture in general.  It’s actually happening now with fewer movies to launch every year, no more action stars, and only one type of movie we always see- rom-com movies of popular love teams. And I don’t think popularity of few may improve artistry, employment, and people’s culture. 

A Moviegoer understands and appreciates the Art of Filmmaking.  It’s true that the acting and production in television and theater are different.  When I was kid, not all the actors I watched in movies were regularly appearing on television. You only saw movie stars if they needed to promote their flicks. However since piracy become rampant and competition become stiffer, they also need jobs in television to survive. Any role is okay.

As a moviegoer, it’s waste of money for me to watch a film just because my idol is there. In fact, I feel proud if I watch something good and discover surprising new talent (even the movie is flop). I don’t usually follow news about box office performance. See what happened in Heneral Luna? The production outfit is new, the lead star is not a matinee idol, and the story is about a historical person.  However it became a box office through good reviews.  Anyhow, don’t just follow two-three bad reviews.

Fun Social interaction – A movie date or movie treat with your favorite person(s) is a social interaction. Bonding time is important for any busy folks for me, it’s not only with your company, but your fellow moviegoers.

 I had awesome experiences watching Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank, She’s Dating the Gangster, and Ang Diary ng Panget. Why? The Audience were lively!

                The story is not dragging and already established.   Besides no commercial break, the movies present compact and already comprehensive story. This is what I like about watching films than TV series. No super dragging storylines, in and out cast members, and unnecessary subplots.  

                Thought-provoking that you also tend to reflect and feel motivated.   Some movies are memorable not only because they offer artistic value and stunning performances, but also thought-provoking productions/stories in general.  I like Juno (Ellen Page), Confession of a shopaholic (Isla Fisher), Bridget Jones’ Diary ( Rene Zellewegar), Bata- Bata Paano Ka Ginawa (Vilma Santos), Flashdance ( Jennifer ), Save the Last Dance (Julia Stiles), Reality Bites, and The Dressmaker ( Kate Winslet) because these films make me believe I can empower myself.  

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